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We Care For & About People


Our primary goal is to deliver home care services that are designed to provide an atmosphere of complete independence and minimal intervention to meet individual preferences and enable clients to spend life on their own terms.

Our services present a distinctly sensitive and respectful approach towards elderly care that allows our service users to spend their time the way THEY want to.


With our highly skilled team, selected through an in-depth screening process, we aim to deliver genuine care and support to our clients that exceeds the expectations.

Our team focuses on compassion, empathy and respect for personal freedom whilst using modern technology and good practices to ensure the seamless delivery of care and support to each client.


We also combine regular information sharing and reporting in real-time with supervisors and clients to ensure that our services are continually improved.


We work hard to earn and maintain your trust and satisfaction to ensure that our clients are always completely confident in the services and quality of care we provide.


We are happy to discuss specific requirements and needs, please reach out to us for all queries and questions.


Hear What Our Clients Say About Us

Swancare have provided care for my mum for over 2 months. Throughout this time, the entire team have been professional, understanding and supportive. The carers they provide have been very reliable, punctual and polite. My mum is extremely happy and so is the wider family. I wouldn’t hestitate in recommending Swan Care. Thank you Swancare, it has changed my mums life.


Top company for your all care needs, I used them for my dad, he has had a smooth experience and as a stroke patient, he is happy with the company.


  1. To provide a high standard of care and support to every service user.

  2. To provide a safe, welcoming, nurturing, environment where service users are able to develop and grow at their own pace to maximise their potential emotionally, physically, intellectually, socially and spiritually.

  3. To offer consistent, unconditional care, enabling each service user to live in an environment that encourages positive relationships, mutual respect, trust, and consideration for others.

  4. To accept and understand each individual service user, at all times maintaining their dignity and self-respect.

  5. To ensure service users experience success and praise, enabling the stimulation of emotional growth and the development of trusting relationships.

  6. To assist service users in the development of their sense of identity and self-image, and preserve their cultural and religious heritage.

  7. To empower service users to make choices through the expression of wishes, feelings and preferences, developing their right to self-determination.

  8. To adopt a person-centred approach, ensuring the best possible support for each service user, providing a service specific to the needs of the individual, giving them a sense of permanence, security, and genuine unhurried commitment.

  9. To be sensitive to service users’ needs and expectations by encouraging their full participation and integration into the community, aiding them to develop daily living skills and activities of daily living to promote independence and choice.

  10. To enable service users to have access to a wide variety of individual and group activities, both in their home and in the local community, maximising their occupational, vocational and leisure potential.

  11. To accept challenging and disruptive behaviours and, as far as possible, channel these into positive avenues, and to remain committed to non-aversive methods of managing and reducing such behaviours.

  12. To recognise the specific communication needs of each individual and work towards enhancing their communication abilities and develop self-expression.

What We Want to Achieve With You


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