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Why Swan Care Group Training?


Training is a fundamental and integral aspect of the care business. Our primary focus is on safeguarding your loved ones and ensuring their safety. As a Domiciliary care provider, we offer theory and practical training online webinars and face to face sessions conducted by seasoned professionals. Our trainers are certified in excellent coaching skills and possess 10-25 years of experience in the care field. Their extensive background qualifies them as trainers, and their level 5 management expertise ensures excellence in care.

Our team consists of highly experienced and specialised care trainers

Our highly experienced specialist trainers hold qualifications and certifications in train-the-trainer programs. They bring a clinical background in care and possess in-depth knowledge of adhering to Care Quality Commission (CQC) standards and government guidelines within the care sector. Additionally, they tailor course content to cater to the specific needs of each group.

Administrative Training Manager

 As the Administrative Training Manager, 

  • I will coordinate a conversation between you and our team of expert trainers. 

  • They will guide you in selecting the most suitable course for your team. 

  • Throughout the course, our dedicated trainers will provide ongoing support, and after each session. 

  • After the course, we will share valuable feedback from our trainers.

Flexible Service Options

Our service options are flexible, offering a variety of choices to align with your budget and preferences.

To book your course, kindly get in touch with our Administrative Training Manager, Foram, either via phone at 02080508171 or 07770269669, or you can reach out via email. We look forward to assisting you! 

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